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For Nanni Strada Compasso d’Oro special career award

ADI and the ADI Foundation have identified Nanni Strada as having made a major contribution in shaping the practice of Italian design.
The award was presented in Milan at the Castello Sforzesco, Cortile della Rocchetta, Wednesday 20 June 2018.

I am pleased to inform you that ADI and the ADI Foundation have selected me for the Compasso d’Oro’s special career achievement award, for making the creation of clothing coincide with the language of industrial design, anticipating the times and the interaction between fashion and design.

From the beginning I think, I design and visualize the dress as an object, the first space to be inhabited. My intention is to untie the dress from its tailoring origins and from its subjection to the body and to fashion and its rules. I am convinced of the need for a new balance between poetics and function, anatomy and geometry, object and symbol.

During the nineties I embarked on a venture to introduce the language of design to academic courses and universities, to change the way fashion is taught, studied and practiced.